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14 - 7 : BMW 650 Cabrio
Well, a facelifted one, though give yourself the rest of the day off if you’ve spotted the tweaks. Still here? Then get squinting and note more angular front lights, wider ‘kidney grille’ nostrils complete with cool blade-like strakes, and lightly rehashed bumper details. Ultra BMW geeks will salivate over new alloy wheel options and the inclusion of a sports exhaust as standard across the range. Q-car fans will appreciate the inverse snobbery of the new exhaust set-up - the cosmetic twin oblong outlets house two pipes each, so what you’re actually getting is four pipes, masquerading as a subtler two. It actually sounds rather tasty too. But more of that later. Which 6-Series is this? We drove the 650i model - the big seller in the 6-Series’ heartland US market. As per usual, the numbers stuck to the bootlid bear little resemblance to what’s actually under the bonnet: 650i equals a 4.4-litre, twin-turbocharged V8. BMW’s M Division engineers get terribly upset if you refer to it as a detuned M6 engine - the flagship M car enjoys all sorts of juicy bespoke bits like stronger pistons and high-performance turbos left on the parts shelf for this car. That being said, this 650i is hardly lacking in grunt. Serving up 444bhp (up a hefty 42bhp on the pre-tweak 650i), it’s lopped 0.3 seconds off its 0-62mph personal best, now dispatched in an M4-worrying 4.6 seconds. And that remains constant whether you opt for the two-door coupe, the soft-top, or the still-gorgeous four-door Gran Coupe. Economy has also climbed marginally across the range, to a theoretical 32.9mpg for the hard-tops and 31.7mpg in the cabrio.

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