Auction of all inventory

Auction start: 01 Jun 2018 12:00
End: 15 Jun 2019 20:00
Auction description

All inventory of this company is offered for sale.

Viewing days

Every friday from 12.00 until 15.00

Pick up days

Daily from October  1st 2019 between 0.900 and 17.00 h.

Netherlands, Noord Holland Amsterdam
1101 BV
Amsterdam - Select One
13 - 42 : werktafels

This auction is closed, biddings on the lot are no longer possible

Lot information
metalen onderstel met houten blad en nog voorzien van kast als ge het blad omhoog doet afm blad 145 cm x 110 cm hoogte 100 cm
Start time 01 Jun 2018 12:00
Closing time 15 Jun 2019 20:00
Starting bid per unit € 5,00
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